About Us

"Kiossev" Boutique Wine Cellar is specialized in production of high-grade wines in boutique series of limited quantity. It is wine for true connoisseurs and collectors.
The series consist of 300 up to 3000 bottles.
The winery is located in the village of Ilindenci, at the foot of the Pirin Mountains, where real wines have been traditionally made and wine fairs have been organized from time immemorial. The village is surrounded by mountains only and it is in one of the cleanest areas in the country.
The south-western region of Bulgaria - in the Valley of Struma River - is famous for its cool nights and hot and sunny days. This adds to the grapes' fascinating and lasting aroma, which is typical for the wines of "Kiossev" Boutique Wine Cellar. With our care for each grape, with lots of love and skills, combining the traditions in this winery region with the newest trends and technologies in wine production, we give you the chance to relish a wine masterpiece.

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